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This web site is dedicated to the little-known Fujitsu Lifebook P2000 and its successor, the P5000.

The P2000 was a unique and truly great mini notebook PC. It was (is?) the smallest-footprint full-featured laptop on the market that included an internal DVD/CD-RW drive, and has developed a very loyal following. However, its main weakness was slow performance. Eventually, the P2000 was replaced by the P5000 series, but the P2000's character was lost -- the P5000 is slightly larger and heavier, with sharper edges, and lacks the friendly, smooth, feels-good-in-your-hands design of the P2000. However, the P5000 has a Pentium M processor with dramatically improved performance, and I still use a P5010D as my primary computer, all day every day for several years now. The P5000 has also been superseded, by the P7000 series which is faster, thinner and lighter, but I have no experience with the P7000 so it is not covered by this web site.

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And be sure to check out the P-series discussion forum on LEOG.NET, which is a tremendous resource for all P owners.

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