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Here are some web sites that I have found very useful for any P owner All links will open in a new window, and were current as of June 1, 2003.

Update: As of August 2006, many of the following links no longer work. One of these days I will update them.

LEOG.NET - Home of the P-Series Discussion Forum, which is a tremendous resource for all P users.
Also includes many useful links and photos. Use the search feature before posting your questions - almost every imaginable topic has been previously covered in detail!

Lapstopsinc - Global Computers
The BEST place to buy a P series laptop! Outstanding personal service and liberal return policy, and fair prices.

Fujitsu USA Web Site


P-2000 Frequently Asked Questions
Compiled and maintained by Daniel Hoffman.

WilkesWorld.com P-2020 Page
Many useful instructions, photos and links, by
Lawrence Wilkes

P-Series Benchmarks

An independent (?) Transmeta-related web site

Transmeta Corp. Web Site


Includes tons of great P-5000 photos, and VIDEOS on how to change the HD, RAM and WiFi Card!

Lost of great P-5000 photos and commentary.

S-Video (Fujitsu 3.5" jack) to Composite Video (RCA jack) converter cable

Reviews and Articles

Designtechnica News - Fujitsu LifeBook P5010 laptop review
Fujitsu LifeBook P5000 Notebook Awarded Best of CeBIT America in PC Category
Fujitsu LifeBook P5010 - Mainstream notebooks - ZDNet Reviews
HardwareZone.com Articles - Coolest Hardware, Hottest Reviews
TechTV Review Fujitsu P5000
PCWorld.com - Loaded Little Laptops

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