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The Visible P2000

Have you ever wondered: How did Fujitsu manage to cram all that functionality in such a small package? Does the P really have a fan inside? What's under that mysterious blue plastic shield next to the display? Is it possible to retrofit the built-in WiFi into a P without it? Can a larger WiFi Antenna be attached for faster high speed Internet? Why does the left side of the keyboard flex so much?  What exactly does the P look like inside?

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Most of the high-resolution images are 1200 pixels wide. If your web browser shrinks the images, they will get distorted.
  This is a P-2110 model with built-in WiFi, circa November 2002. However, the 2040, 2046 and 2120 are probably mechanically identical, except for possible changes in circuit board layouts.
  If you would like the original of any of these photos (double the resolution), please email me.

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