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The Visible P5000

Click on any of the thumbnails below for a high-resolution view


  • This is a Fujitsu Lifebook model P5010D, with 512 Meg RAM
  • All the high-resolution images are 1280 pixels wide and 60-200 Kb average size. If your web browser is configured to automatically shrink the images to fit your screen, they will get distorted.
  • Not all areas of the P5000 are covered, and some of these photos are a bit fuzzy. I planed to take some better photos (including the LCD panel), but I've decided to publish what I have for now, since its better than nothing.
  • If you would like the 2560x1920 originals of any of these photos (to look at specific chip markings, etc), please email me.

Top half of the case.

The back. Does not appear to be shielded?!

The touchpad and audio/video conectors.

The chassis with the keyboard and top case removed. All components are still in place.

Heat sink for the CPU and video chip. There is another heat sink/fan on the CPU (see below).

The LCD indicator panel, with WiFi and power buttons.

Right speaker and LCD hinge. The lid close switch is to the left of the hinge.

Another view of the lid close switch.

The connectors for the two WiFi antennas. These plug into the WiFi Mini-PCI card.

The video cable going to the LCD.

Ribbon connector from the input/output daughter card.

Right side of the chassis,

The chassis with all components removed.

The bottom of the chassis.

The motherboard.

The SD slot and NIC/modem daughter card.

The CPU (under heat sink) and video chip (under silicone sheet).

The Intel 855 “chipset” is on the right.

The PC-Card slot.

The back of the motherboard.

The CPU fan, attached to a heat sink which wraps around to the CPU on the other side of the MB.

Various support chips.

The Mini-PCI slot.

The battery connector (at the top).

The DVD/CD-R drive connector (on the right).

Daughter card with power, USB and Memory Stick connectors.

The back.

Broadcom-based 802.11g WiFi Mini-PCI card.

The back.

512 Meg memory module.

Hard drive ribbon cable.

Sorry these are fuzzy.

The back.


(c) 2006 Bill Spandagos